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Hokkaido Yoghurppe (carton)... Hokkaido Yoghurppe (carton)... 2
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Milk are on pre-order basis.  We will update status of milk once we have stocks on hand. For the ordering of milk/yogurt only, a minimum of 20 cartons is required.Expiry date 21.08.2021While stock last
Fei Zi Xiao Lychee 1kg
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Origin: China Product description: 1kg. A delicious and fragrant fruit that’s loaded with health benefits. Lychee is a fruit that has short storage life. The difficulty and short storage life make Lychee an expensive fruit. The irresistible fragrance and sweetness are the reason to consume it despite its price.
Honing Cherry Tomatoes... Honing Cherry Tomatoes... 2
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Country of Origin: Holland Product description: 180g/punnet. They are as sweet as honey with a fresh, gently acidic aftertaste. The combination of this flavor, the shiny red color and the firm bite makes these cherry tomatoes the tastiest tomatoes you’ll find anywhere.

We love what we do, because we care about what goes into our stomach and yours too !


We love what we do, because we care what goes into our stomach, and yours too!


Air flown vegetables from all over the world
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