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White Peach (Aus) 4s White Peach (Aus) 4s 2
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Origin: Australia Product Description :4 pieces per set. White peaches have low or sub-acid flesh as compared to the yellow varieties. The flesh may be pure white or even lightly blushed but has a sweeter taste than the traditional yellow.(original price 9.90)
Pretty Yellow Dragonfruits... Pretty Yellow Dragonfruits... 2
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Product description: 6/7/8 pieces per box. Yellow dragon fruit (also called yellow pitaya or yellow pitahaya) comes from the climbing cactus. It is a popular exotic fruit with a sweet and mild taste.
Honey Mango Large 4s, Thai
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Origin: Thailand Product description: 4s per set. Thai Honey mangoes are elongated and slender with one end more rounded and the other end tapering to a slight point. Thai Honey mangoes are very aromatic and will present a slightly wrinkled skin when fully ripe and boast a super sweet, rich, honey flavor. The firm flesh is free of fibers and features a...
Kumamoto Strawberries
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Origin:Japan Product description: 1 punnet. Kumamoto strawberries have a balanced, sweet and tart flavor with moderate levels of acidity. Underneath the surface, the flesh is dense, aqueous, slightly chewy, pale red to orange, and emits a sweet, fruity aroma.

We love what we do, because we care about what goes into our stomach and yours too !


We love what we do, because we care what goes into our stomach, and yours too!


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